Forex Frontiers Forex Frontiers ” THe Essentials of Currency Trading” by Ivan Cavric

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I am no expert on investing in foreign exchange markets. However, I do have some experience in teaching and training, and a little experience with investment psychology. It is from that perspective that I recommend Ivan Cavric’s book Forex Frontiers: The Essentials of Currency Trading, the first in a trilogy, as a gem in the making. It has the potential to be a successful how-to book, jumpstarting the abilities of anyone desiring to explore the world of forex, while helping the budding forex trader avoid the pitfalls that most forex traders fall into.

As a how-to book, it fulfills the following standards for success:

First, it is information-rich, giving a good sense of the parameters of what is involved with getting into foreign exchange trading. Second, it gets to the point quickly, filling in the details on what it takes to be a successful forex investor. Third and last, it provides a plan of action to become a successful forex investor, as well as the promise of further reading to help master the subject.

Forex Frontiers: The Essentials of Currency Trading covers the basics of forex investing, starting right from square one. The first half of the book includes an introduction to the markets, a discussion of the possibilities of failure, and the potential for success. An entire chapter is devoted to the necessity to develop a proper investment psychology. There are discussions of introductory issues such as selecting a strategy, an introduction to technical indicators, selecting a broker, and other challenges.

The second half of the book begins with a discussion of risk and money management, including managing losses and profits. Chapters introducing fundamental analysis and discussing technical analysis in more detail form the core of the second half of the book. The book ends with an important discussion about designing a forex strategy, and a case study of a sample forex strategy.

What I especially appreciate about Cavric’s book is its measured, cautious, and deliberate approach to forex investing. Rather than promising great riches and gain in short periods of time, it stresses the need to be disciplined, to develop a strong investment psychology, and to cultivate and follow a trading strategy, rather than playing around and changing strategies often, or worse, to have no strategy at all.

As such, Forex Frontiers: The Essentials of Currency Trading is a an excellent introduction to the discipline of forex investing. It does not promise too much, but pointing out to its readers the opportunities that exist if the right approach is taken. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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