I went to a lecture from an evolutionary biologist tonight. He said, quoting someone else, “Evolution is the process of editing, not authorship.” But we never heard about who the author might be.

And if if that’s true, than why did he say that the only things that existed in the beginning were atoms, bonds, and intramolecular forces. Oh, and there was order in the atoms, bonds, and intramolecular forces. But we have no idea where those came from.

He talked about a species of birds producing gall bladders in captivity when they don’t have them in the wild, what he attributed to a curious form of Lamarckian evolution. But then, almost within seconds, he remarked that evolution always proceeds incrementally.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early, before my head exploded with the inconsistencies, unasked questions, and the unanswered questions.

Peter Scholtens